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Care Manager

Blü Haven Care LTD

General Description of the Care Manager Post

To undertake the care management responsibilities as delegated by the Head of the company as well as Care Home rules and regulations. To promote and maintain high standards of Domiciliary Care Services and lead the care team and provide the needed skilled care. Also, take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Trust’s whistleblowing policy as required.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities to deliver Home Care Services include

  • Carry out all clinical care practices in accordance with care procedures as directed by The Board of Directors and the policies & procedures.
  • Undertake the initial assessment of patients in line with policies and procedures. From this assessment develop a care plan with the patients. Ensure that the care plan is realistic and achievable.
  • Supervise and participate in the delivery of care home in line with the care plan. Anticipate the needs of the patients, monitor the effectiveness of the care plan, making changes as necessary, ensuring that the plan reflects changing circumstances and current objectives, working in line with the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate regulations and the Nursing and Midwifery Council guidance on record keeping.
  • Ensure that all patients’ care plans and records are maintained and updated in line with Domiciliary Care regulations.
  • Ensure that all medications, including controlled drugs are administered, recorded, maintained and replenished at all times consistent with the Homes written policies and procedures and in line with NMC guidance on drug administration.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the prevention of abuse of vulnerable adults, recognition of the signs of abuse and procedures to follow in the event of an allegation of abuse.
  • Act as a key communicator on Domiciliary Care matters (including any change in condition, concerns, requests etc) to the patient or to the friends/relatives/advocates of the patient, or to the registered nurses and other members of the care team.

Supervision of Staff

  • To work and guide with the manager in recruitment and selection of appropriately trained staff in line with Domiciliary Care regulations, ensuring that all appropriate checks are made and evidenced on personnel records.
  • Participate in the induction of new staff to the home and their duties. After familiarization of their duties and responsibilities, supervise and co-ordinate staff to ensure that their jobs are prioritized and performed in a diligent, caring appropriate and attentive manner at all times.
  • Assist the Home Manager to ensure that formal supervision of all care staff takes place on a formal basis in accordance with personnel manual.
  • Where necessary, instigate and/or participate in the disciplinary process where conduct, attitude or quality of work are inconsistent with goals and objectives of the home care plan.
  • Where necessary, provides advice and counsel to staff, being particularly supportive at times of severe emotional need or stress.
  • To participate in all staff meetings to support the Manager in all decisions that will enhance the quality of care.

Administration and Record Keeping

  • Ensure that all records relating to the care of the patients are maintained in an accurate, legible and consistent fashion, reflecting the residents as individuals and recording all changes to the care needs.
  • Plan duty rota’s that ensure there is an appropriate skill mix of staff on duty to provide the highest quality care to the residents.
  • To be aware of the training needs of the staff group and ensure that all staff attend training as per training matrix.
  • Co-operating with all staff to promote and maintain a high standard of care, complying with all quality systems introduced by the Trust
  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. Quality Assurance
  • Ensure familiarity with the homes Quality Assurance System.
  • Work with other Trust staff to implement and monitor quality systems, to participate in programmes designed to review, evaluate and improve systems, processes, policies, procedures etc in meeting quality improvement objectives for the home.
  • Participate in the training and teaching of other staff members in the team. Professional Development
  • Have a working knowledge of the National Minimum Care Standards as they relate the working of the home.
  • Accept responsibility for developing own knowledge and skills, promoting the concept of lifelong learning. To ensure that own training and development needs are identified and recorded. To ensure that PREP is maintained as per the guidance of NMC.
  • To be aware of professional accountability and act at all times with in the NMC code of professional conduct.

 General Requirements in addition to the above, there are some general requirements that apply to all jobs and those include:

  • Take responsibility for the safeguarding of adults, and follow the Trust’s whistle blowing policy as required.
  • Participation in staff meetings
  • Participation in training activities
  • Participation in staff supervision and personal development review
  • Participation in quality assurance systems
  • Take responsibility for personal development by keeping abreast of developments in the field of caring for older people.

All duties must be carried out to comply with

  • Notification of accidents and other health and safety requirements
  • Statutory legislation in particular the health and hygiene regulations
  • Nationally and locally agreed codes of good practice
  • Fire precautions
  • Equal opportunity and the Trust’s anti-discriminatory policy.

Health and Safety: be responsible for your own health and safety and that of anybody else who may be affected by your acts or omissions. This job description outlines the main duties and responsibilities of the post, it is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Contact: Hassan Jama

Reference: BHCLTD-2120306-Ealing

Job ID: 95916894-0002

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